The characteristics of Changwon city

  • Population : 1.07 million people
  • Area : 747.67km2

Changwon, the first planned city in the Republic of Korea, has been recognized as one of the most excellent cities to live and cities with outstanding competitiveness for its well-organized city spaces, plentiful industrial facilities and pleasant city environment.

Masan, Jinhae, Changwon the 3 cities in a same culture area were integrated into Changwon city in 2010. With the integration, the city strengthened its competitiveness and status. It has been a Korea’s representative mega-city with 108 million people of population, 747.67㎢ size of area, 36.154 trillion Korean won of GRDP (gross regional domestic product) and 19.7 billion US dollar of annual export amount. Now, the city has competitiveness to be able to overpower major cities.

Geographically, Changwon is a port city located in the southernmost part of the Republic of Korea where a continent and the ocean meets. The southern part is bordered by the southern coast of Korea and the northern part is bordered by the Nakdong River.

It is a pleasant city where you would experience lovely and mild weather on your visit at any time since it has an average temperature of 14.9℃ all around the year with a mild climate as well as distinct four seasons. With Gimhae International Airport located within 50 minutes distance, three KTX train stations and roads running in all directions, Changwon is very accessible city.

The citizens are very active and forward-looking. The city is full of vitality and young energy as the people aged 20-40 are over half of the city’s population. Changwon always pursues innovations and challenges as can be found on the city’s vision ‘New Era of Leaps, for Great Changwon’.

High-tech Industrial City

Changwon is an incubator of an economic growth of modern Korea. As huge industrial facilities including Changwon National Industrial Complex and Masan Free Trade Zone were built according to heavy chemical industry development policy in 1970s, the city led industry and economy of the Republic of Korea.

4,500 major global companies such as LG, Hyundai, Doosan, GM expanded their businesses in Changwon; as a result, and they contribute to the growth of the city’s economy with 110,000 workers.

Especially in Changwon National Industrial Complex, the Korea’s biggest machinery industrial complex, 2,400 companies record 45.9 billion US dollars of production amount annually. In Masan Free Trade Zone, the first domestic industrial complex solely for foreigners in Korea, approximately 100 companies take part in vigorous economic activities mainly in precision machinery and electronics/electric industries

Changwon will take a leap on the high-tech city, IT based on the acquired competitiveness on machinery and export industry so far.

To promote high-tech convergence industry, we will establish industrial-educational convergence complex, software convergence cluster to support advancement of existing main industries and anticipatory investment for hydrogen fueled cell vehicle development such as hydrogen powered cars and hydrogen station.

To secure the foundations of the R&D industry, robot business belt, robot-specialized complex, high-tech industrial technology research complex will be constructed and advancement of defense industry in Changwon which occupies 60% of national defense industry will be conducted. We also raise the investment in new prospective industries such as smart grid, 3D printing and high-tech machinery materials industry.

Above all, the city’s practice of business serving administration mainly focusing on business support has been a great encouragement for business activities and competitiveness. It is the representative image of Changwon, the business-friendly city.

Global Tourist City

Changwon is a marine city. Large and small islands are gathered friendlily on the sea calm like a lake. 324㎞ of Rias shoreline stretched out besides is beautiful just like seen on a watercolor painting.

The 4 major huge marine tourism projects which are Gusan marine tourism complex, Masan robot land, Masan marine new town, Ung-dong leisure tourism complex are now being constructed. Especially in Masan marine new town, the 190,000 pyeong-sized artificial island, a world-class art center will be established so that the site would be an attractive creative culture complex city combining tourism, culture and business.

There are many festivals and cultural events in Changwon all year around. Jinhae Gunhangje Festival, Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival and K-POP World Festival are now recognized as global festivals.

In particular, Jinhae Gunhanje Festival is a nation’s largest cherry blossoms festival with 54-year history and attracts more than 2 million domestic/international tourists annually. The beautiful scenery which cherry blossoms from 360,000 trees and the sea in harmony can be seen only in Changwon.

Every year in October, Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival the Korea’s premium chrysanthemum festival and K-POP World Festival, the world’s most largest K-POP festivals are held. Among the K-POP fans around the world, those who passed a preliminary round are invited to Korea and participate in a contest. A scale of the festival grows every year so that it attracts more attention from all over the world.

  • Jinhae Marine Park
  • Junam Wetlands
  • Changwon Exhibition Convention Center

21st Century Visions in Changwon

Changwon is changing in a new way with continuous challenges and innovations.

  • With competitiveness of the high-tech industry, the city will be more enriched and more appealing with attractions, foods and experience programs.
  • Changwon will be the representative tourism city in Korea where tourists want to visit once again.
  • We will promote to be Changwon Metropolitan City from Changwon city in Gyeongsangnam-do.
  • In the age when cities’ competitiveness means a nation’s competitiveness, Changwon Metropolitan City will be a new growth engine for the Republic of Korea’s economic growth.
  • The population will be 120 million from 108 million and the gross regional domestic product will be 82 trillion Korean won from 37 trillion Korean won which is nearly doubled. Therefore, Changwon will lead a national development by enhancing its competitiveness.

Changwon will be a base of creative economy from a leader of industrialization, with different width and profound vision, we will make a future of great Changwon uniting the minds of citizens.