ISSF(International Shooting Sport Federation)

About ISSF

  • The international federation is to strive for the promotion of the shooting sport without any discrimination against political and religious identities, races; this was designed to enhance the bonds among shooting sports associations of each nation in the world and the cooperation with other sports organizations.
  • The organization started with the name, "Union Internationale des Federations et Associations nationales de Tir" in 1907, and being disassembled in 1915; In 1921, this was reorganized under the name of "Union Internationale de Tir", however, it suspended again to play organizational roles in 1939; then, it's restructured with the new name "International Shooting Union-UIT" in 1947.
  • On July 15, 1998, the organization changed its name to "International Shooting Sport Federation", and the abbreviation is "ISSF"
  • ISSF received an official recognition from the International Olympic Committee as the only management agency of the International Amateur Shooting Sports at a global level.

Member federations : 164 federations (151 nations)