KSF(Korea shooting Federation)

Objectives of the Establishment

The Federation is to boost the national culture, improve national health and arouse national sound spirit by promoting shooting sports while training amateur shooters and groups in order to cultivate talents in the field and to enhance national prestige.


  • To deliberate and determine the basic policy related to shooting matches.
  • To pose the suggestion concerning other related organizations and provide Korean Olympic Committee with advice and suggestion as to shooting matches as requested.
  • To host and participate in the international shooting competitions.
  • To manage and supervise umbrella organizations and their branches.
  • To host and run shooting competitions.
  • To conduct R&D work to improve the shooting technique.
  • To cultivate talents(national-class athletes) install and manage the ideal facilities for shooting matches based on the related research conducted.
  • To collect the data regarding the shooting matches and generate statistics.
  • To raise the awareness of shooting sports.
  • To evaluate the grades of shooters and keep the official records
  • To assist to secure guns, ammunition and other sporting goods needed for shooting competitions and conduct following-up management of the guns, ammunition, sporting goods.
  • Other Projects to achieve the objectives of the federation.

Major Projects in progress

Domestic Projects

  • To host nationwide shooting competitions 8 times every year.
  • To foster and instruct the umbrella groups and give a support to shooting competitions.
  • To cultivate substitutes, members of the national team and carry out the intensified training.
  • To assist to import the sporting goods for competitions and conduct the follow-up management of them.
  • To organize and host seminars and short classes to foster excellent leaders in the field.
  • To raise the awareness of shooting sports.
  • To install, manage the facilities of the shooting venue and keep the official record.
  • To reward excellent athletes.
  • To assist excellent athletes to look for a job and send shooting athletes to give a lesson.
  • Other Projects to achieve the objectives of the federation.

International Projects

  • To participate in the Olympic Games.
  • To participate in the Asian Games.
  • To participate in the Asian Shooting Championship.
  • To host and participate in ISSF Rifle and Pistol World Cup.
  • To conduct the overseas training for the members of the national team and substitutes.
  • To participate in the major international conferences and general meetings of the International Shooting Sport Federation and Asian Shooting Confederation.
  • To participate in the seminar of coaches and short sessions for International referees.
  • To participate in the other major international shooting competitions.