Organizing Committee

Secretary General
Department Position Name Charges Contact No.
Organizing Committee Secretary General Lee Byung-gook The entire affairs of OC +82-55-225-7202
Operation Bureau
Department Position Name Charges Contact No.
Operation Bureau Head Manager of Operation Lee Moon-soo General affairs Executive +82-55-225-7204
Planning Dept.
Department Position Name Charges Contact No.
Planning Dept. Department Manager Kang Suk-lee Plannig affairs executive +82-55-225-7210
Planning Team Team Manager Jeong Chan-hwa Comprehensive planning +82-55-225-7212
personnel Kim Hyo-yeong The general assembly, the executive committee +82-55-225-7213
Accommodation Support Team Team Manager Seo Ik-seon Accommodation +82-55-225-7214
personnel Kim Byeong-yeop Accommodation & Food service +82-55-225-7215
personnel Lee Ji-un Local transportation service for athletes
PCO management
Tourism Support Team Team Manager Kang Jeom-geum Tourism +82-55-225-7217
personnel Jo Mi-sun Sanitation check,
Food safety, archive
General Affairs Dept.
Department Position Name Charges Contact No.
General Affairs Dept. Department Manager Kim Jeong-guk General affairs executive +82-55-225-7220
General Affairs Team Team Manager Lim Jeong-taek HR management +82-55-225-7222
personnel Hwang Min-gyo Temporary workers, Advisory lawyer and Accountant operation +82-55-225-7223
personnel Jee Min-jeong Payroll management +82-55-225-7224
Financial Accounting Team Team Manager Kim Byeong-sam Budget management +82-55-225-7225
personnel Kim Yeong-sin Financial system management +82-55-225-7226
personnel Kim Beom-ju Contract & Property management +82-55-225-7227
Competition & Venue management Dept.
Department Position Name Charges Contact No.
Competition & Venue MGNT Dept. Department Manager Kim Bo-gon Competition & Venue affairs executive +82-55-225-7270
Competition Support MGNT Team Team Manager Kim Sang-uk Competition support +82-55-225-7275
personnel Jee Yun-jeong Doping control center +82-55-225-7276
Competition Operation MGNT Team Team Manager vacant    
personnel Shin Hak-ryeol Resource management +82-55-225-7273
Specialist Song Byeong-uk Competition operation +82-55-225-7272
Volunteer Service Team Team Manager Kim Yong-ae Volunteer workforce management +82-55-225-6432
personnel Son Ga-yeong Volunteer management system +82-55-225-6433
Venue Team Team Manager Park Se-gwon Venue management +82-55-225-6435
personnel Kim Seong-han Temporary facility disposition +82-55-225-6436
M.I.S Team(Management Information System) Team Manager Jo Yong-seung Electricity management 055-225-6438
personnel Kim Byeong-gwang Electronic scoring target management 055-225-6437
personnel Jeon Je-gwan Communication system management 055-225-6439
Committee Affairs Bureau
Department Position Name Charges Contact No.
Committee Affairs Bureau Head Manager of Committee Affairs Bureau Jang Jae-hyeok Committee Affairs executive 055-225-7205
International Dept.
Department Position Name Charges Contact No.
International Dept. Department Manager Shin In-cheol International affairs executive +82-55-225-7230
International Cooperation Team Team Manager Park Tae-hong International cooperation +82-55-225-7232
personnel Park So-eun OC contact person +82-55-225-7233
personnel Lee Hyo-jeong Accreditation service +82-55-225-7234
International Project Team Team Manager Joi Ji-yeon VIP coordinator +82-55-225-7235
personnel Bae Ji-han Receptions, Airline ticketing management +82-55-225-7236
Marketing Dept.
Department Position Name Charges Contact No.
Marketing Dept. Department Manager Son Ae-ja Marketing affairs executive +82-55-225-7240
Marketing Planning Team Team Manager Kim Chang-geun Marketing plan +82-55-225-7242
personnel Kim Hong-ju Vedor management +82-55-225-7243
Marketing Team Team Manager Kim Hyeong-taek Sponsorships and advertising 055-225-7246
Specialist Kwak No-sik Marketing rights +82-55-225-7245
Culture&Ceremonies Dept.
Department Position Name Charges Contact No.
Culture& Ceremonies Dept. Department Manager Shin Yeong-hwan Culture&Ceremonies affairs executive +82-55-225-7280
Culture Team Team Manager Kim Ji-yeong Cultural program +82-55-225-7282
personnel Jang Seung-gyu Victory ceremony +82-55-225-7283
Ceremonies Team Team Manager Noh Yong-rae Receptions 055-225-7285
personnel Seo Gwang-gyo Opening & Closing Ceremony +82-55-225-7286
personnel Ahn Sang-yeong Medal operation +82-55-225-7287
Public Relations Dept.
Department Position Name Charges Contact No.
Public Relations Dept. Department Manager Lee Seong-gyeong Public Relations affairs executive +82-55-225-6920
Press Operation Team Team Manager Kim Sang-jun Public relations plan
Press room management
personnel Park Ha-na Promotion brochure, honorary ambassador management +82-55-225-6923
Media Team Team Manager Shin Dong-chang Media management +82-55-225-6925
personnel Jang Bo-yeong Web-site management +82-55-225-6926
Specialist Lim Hak-dong Broadcaster management +82-55-225-6927
Safety Bureau
Department Position Name Charges Contact No.
Safety Bureau Head Manager of Safety Bureau vacant +82-55-225-7206
Safety Bureau
Department Position Name Charges Contact No.
Safety Dept. Department Manager vacant +82-55-225-6420
Emergency Service Team Team Manager Kang Dong-ho Emergency management +82-55-225-6422
personnel Jo Sang-je Safety management +82-55-225-6423
Security Team Team Manager vacant +82-55-225-6425
Assurance Team Team Manager vacant   +82-55-225-6426