Overview of Competition

The World Shooting Championship is the most prestigious competition among the championships governed by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) and it takes place every four years. The championship includes competitions in all the events supervised by the ISSF and Olympic events. Most of the championships have taken place in Europe and Korea is the only Asian country to host this great competition- first, at the 42nd Seoul Championship in 1978 and second, at the 52nd Changwon Championship in 2018.

Overview of Competition

August 31 to September 15, 2018 [16 days]
Changwon International Shooting Range,
Naval Education & Training Command Shooting Range
around 4,500 people from 120 nations
Pistol/Rifle(10m/25m/50m/300m), Running Target, Shotgun
ISSF(International Shooting Sport Federation)

The Path of the ISSF World Shooting Championship Changwon 2018

The president of the International Shooting Sport Federation(ISSF), Olegario Vazquez Rana recommended to host the competition in Korea
March Governmental approval for hosting the 52nd ISSF World Shooting Championship in 2018
April Decision on the venue of the 52nd ISSF World Shooting Championship in 2018 (the ISSF general meeting in London)
July Formulation of master plans(revision) for rebuilding Changwon International Shooting Range
September Received the flag of the International Shooting Sport Federation(in Granada, Spain)
  • May Revision of the International Competition Support Act
  • September The inaugural meeting of the organization committee of Changwon's 2018 World Shooting Championship
  • October Starting of the construction to rebuild Changwon International Shooting Range
January The beginning of Secretariat of the Organizing Committee

Benefits of hosting the championship

Building a foundation for regional economy activation

It is expected that there will be business opportunities concerning infra, operation, and tournament events; furthermore, it is forecasted that about 4,500 athletes including executives contribute to an increase in the profits of the local industry and commerce, attracting overseas investment and building a foundation for local firms to expand abroad.

Raising the awareness of Korea as "the leading country in sports"

Raising the awareness of Korea as the first and only nation in Asia to host the World Shooting Championship and strengthening the country's deplomacy in the field of sports with the accumulation of administrative experiences in international competitions.

Growing interest and participation in shooting sports

The championship is the most prestigious competition that takes place every four years; therefore, it draws significant attention from the world, which contributes to enlarged the base of the shooting sport.

Expanding the infrastructure of the host city

"Changwo city" could firmly build its own image as a compelling tourist destination by expanding its infrastructure and promoting itself at home and abroad.

Contributing to the world peace through the sports event

The iconic image of the nation "Gun" due to the armed confrontation with the North is transformed into "Sports"

Enhancing civic consciousness and promote the unification

To provide the opportunity for the citizens to feel confident and proud, the international championship plays a role in arousing the sense of the public order and the consciousness of master.