The emblem is a combination of the first letter of “Changwon” and the shape of a gun.

It stands for both “Dynamic Changwon” and “the speed of shooting”

The colors blue, orange and green are used, which means hope, creation and balance, respectively.

The colors are also representative of "Changwon" to highlight that the championship will be held here in Changwon.



The name "Aimy" is derived from the combination of the word 'Aim' and the Chinese letter '怡' which means 'To be pleased'. It is to support the challenge of participants in the upcoming Changwon Championship and to share the pleasure from their achievement.

Aimy is designed from inspiration of the spaceman in the future, embodying the image of the advanced city "Changwon" for tourists.


Aim Your Dream in CHANGWON!

The slogan is to pray for the success of the Changwon Championship in order that the city could take a leap as an international sports city and it's designed to deliver the wishes that Changwon City in Korea will become a global festival for all visitors.