History of the Championship

ISSF World Shooting Championships CHANGWON 2018

  • The World Shooting Championship took place in Lyon, France in 1897 for the first time.
  • This shooting competition was held every year until 1914 before the outbreak of the First World War.
  • The championship resumed in Lyon, France in 1921 after the termination of the First World War.
  • After 1931, the championship has been held every two years.
  • After the 36th championship in 1954, the shooting competition ,which had been taken place every two years, began to be held every four years
Division Year Venue
The 1st event 1897 Lyon, France
The 2nd event 1898 Torino, Italy
The 3rd event 1899 Deltaplein, Netherlands
The 4th event 1900 Paris, France
The 5th event 1901  Lucerne, Switzerland 
The 6th event 1902 Rome, Italy
The 7th event 1903 Buenos Aires, Argentina
The 8th event 1904 Lyon, France
The 9th event 1905 Brussels, Belgium
The 10th event 1906 Milan, Italy 
The 11th event 1907 Zurich, Switzerland 
The 12th event 1908 Vienna, Austria
The 13th event 1909 Hamburg, Germany
The 14th event 1910 Deltaplein, Netherlands
The 15th event 1911 Rome, Italy
The 16th event 1912 Biarritz, France
The 17th event 1913 Camp Perry, the United States
The 18th event 1914 Viborg, Denmark 
The 19th event 1921 Lyon, France
The 20th event 1922 Milan, Italy
The 21st event 1923 Camp Perry, the United States
The 22nd event 1924 Paris, France
The 23rd event 1925 Saint Gall, Switzerland
The 24th event 1927 Rome, Italy
The 25th event 1928 Deltaplein, Netherlands
The 26th event 1929 Stockholm, Sweden
The 27th event 1930 Antwerp, Belgium 
The 28th event 1931 Lvov, Poland
The 29th event 1933 Granada, Spain/ Vienna, Austria
The 30th event 1935 Rome, Italy /Brussels, Belgium
The 31st event 1937 Helsinki, Finland
The 32nd event 1939 Lucerne, Switzerland/ Berlin, Germany
The 33rd event 1947 Stockholm, Sweden
The 34th event 1949 Buenos Aires, Argentina
The 35th event 1952 Oslo, Norway
The 36th event 1954 Caracas, Venezuela  
The 37th event 1958 Moscow, Russia
The 38th event 1962 Cairo, Egypt
The 39th event 1966 Wiesbaden, Germany 
The 40th event 1970 Phoenix, the United States
The 41st event 1974 Thun, Switzerland 
The 42nd event 1978 Seoul, Republic of Korea
The 43rd event 1982 Caracas, Venezuela
The 44th event 1986 Suhl, Germany / Skovde, Swede
The 45th event 1990 Moscow, Russia
The 46th event 1994 Milan, Tolmezzo, Italy
The 47th event 1998 Barcelona, Saragossa, Spain
The 48th event 2002 Lahti, FInland
The 49th event 2006 Zagreb, Croatia
The 50th event 2010 Munich, Germany
The 51st event 2014 Granada, Spain