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 ISSF World Shooting Championship Changwon 2018 August 31 ~ September 15, 2018(16 days)
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Organizing Committee

Co-chairmen Huh Sungmoo

Ahn, Sang-su

Changwon's 2018 World Shooting Championship
Co-chairmen of Organizing Committee

Mayor of Changwon City, Huh Sungmoo

“Invite you to the amazing city, Changwon."

The ISSF World Shooting Championship is one of five prestigious sports events along with the Summer and Winter Olympics, the FIFA World Cup and a global sports festival for all people in the world.

The 52nd World Shooting Championship to be held in Changwon in 2018 will catch all global citizens' attention as it's the second time for Korea to host the competition since the Seoul World Shooting Championship in 1978.

To meet the expectation of the world, we strive to accomplish making the best competition that raises national prides as well as awareness of Changwon City and Korea by encouraging to share the value of coexistence and the world peace.

We look forward to seeing all people to share their values and cultures in Changwon which is 'the cornerstone of Korean industrialization' transforming the nation into one of the world's ten major economic powers with the promotion of tourism.


Co-chairmen Lee Dalgon

Co-chairmen Lee Dalgon

Changwon's 2018 World Shooting Championship
Co-chairmen of Organizing Committee

Co-Chairman of the 52nd ISSF World Championship Changwon, Lee Dalgon

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The 52nd World Shooting Championship is held in Changwon, Korea which is fully prepared for 'its leap on the world stage'; the best global festival is an outcome of the commitment made by 1.08 million citizens in Changwon and 50 million people in Korea.

In addition, this event aims to bring the harmony and unity to all poeple across all cultures, ideologies, borders. Thus, the organizing committee has maximized its capability for the success of the event by building a cooperative system with the local society and related organizations along with the partnership with the Korean government and the Korea Shooting Federation.

We would like to ask you to take your interest in the event so that it can contribute to activating local economy, the world peace and raising the awareness of the nation through sports.


Co-chairmen Hwang Yongdeug

Co-chairmen Hwang, Yong-deug

Changwon's 2018 World Shooting Championship
Co-chairmen of Organizing Committee

President of Korea Shooting Federation, Hwang Yongdeug

Welcome to ‘the 52nd Changwon World Shooting Championships in 2018’, a global festival.

Republic of Korea already had the experience of hosting this competition in Seoul 40 years ago in 1978. I am very proud of hosting this great competition in Changwon for the second time in Republic of Korea.

Certainly, this event would be the great opportunity to let the world know once again the excellence of Republic of Korea to host and operate the International Shooting Range. Shooting is one of the comprehensive sports that require a combination of mental composure and concentration, based on the physical strength.

In the light of this, I hope that this event would become an opportunity to expand professional sports into nation-wide everyday sports.

In addition, more than 140 members of ISSF are expected to participate in the Changwon World Shooting Championships.

And it would be natural for me to believe that this would be a celebration of world friendship and harmony and a global village festival to share sympathy, courage, and hope. As the president of the organizing committee, I promise that we will do our best to demonstrate the status of Korean shooting all over the world. We would like to ask the citizens of Korea and the world warm support and active participation.