Changwon biennale

 ISSF World Shooting Championship Changwon 2018 August 31 ~ September 15, 2018(16 days)


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Changwon biennale

Program Overview

ThemeBalance of Non-Sculpting
  • Period : 2018.9.4.(Tues) - 10.14.(Sun) / 41days
  • Venue
    • Main exhibition : Yongji Park, Sungsan Art Hall
    • Special exhibition : Moonshin Museum of Art, House of Changwon · Changwon History & Folklore Museum
  • Events : Opening ceremony, outdoor and indoor exhibitions, academic programs, involvement programs and other events
  • Artists and artworks : 70artists/tean from 13contries , 225 artworks
  • Hosted by : Changwon City
  • Organized by : Changwon Culture Foundation

In this '2018 Changwon International Sculpture Biennale', we take over the spirit of Kim Chong young and Moon Shin, who is important in the history of Changwon sculpture.

The theme of the exhibition, < Balance of Non-Sculpting >, which combines the spirit of Non-Sculpting and the balance of harmony. In this way, we will establish the identity of Changwon sculpture with the spiritual heritage of representative art of Changwon Sculpture Biennale, and establish an opportunity for Changwon to firmly establish itself as an international sculpture city.

The theme of < The Balance of Non-Sculpting > may seem like a contradictory and paradoxical expression, but "Non-Sculpting" is a natural state that is not artificial, but a concept that pursues a state of harmony with nature to be.

In addition to formative works based on these themes, we will focus on various aspects and discourses of 'sculpture', which expands the sculptural realm of contemporary social reality. Considering the form and content, we pay attention to the expansion of expressive media and methods. In the aspect of contents, I intend to organize exhibitions mainly on discourse presentations, ie, works that include 'ideology' and 'problem raising'.

The exhibition format is divided into 'outdoor exhibition' and 'indoor exhibition', ie, sculpture park and gallery exhibition, and 'outdoor exhibition' is divided into 'permanent installation works' and 'temporary installation works'.

The exhibition of the art museum sets up a three-dimensional work and a flat work with the subtitle "exception." Special programs provide spectators with a variety of new 'attractions' in another 'extreme' form in the 'sculpture' area.

We will try to expand and extend the existing limited sculpture area and share it with the public enjoyment of art through communication with more active visitors. Furthermore, we would like to position it as a 'Global City of Culture and Art' as a 'sustainable playground for culture and arts', 'a world-sculptural city', and 'Changwon'.

Period 2018.9.4(Tues) - 10.14.(Sun) / 41days (Time : 10:00 ~ 18:00)
Venue Yongji Park(Pojeongsa), Sungsan Art Hall, Moonshin Museum of Art, House of Changwon , Changwon History&Folklore Museum
Yongji Park(Pojeongsa), Sungsan Art Hall, House of Changwon
September 24th , 25th , 26th
Moonshin Museum of Art
Every Monday
Changwon History&Folklore Museum
Every Monday, September 24th , 25th , 26th
Opening Ceremony
  • 2018.9.4 (Tuse) 16:00 ~
  • Yongji Park (Pojeongsa)
Biennale NolJang
  • 2018.9.8 (Sat) 11:00 ~
  • Yonggi Park (Pojeongsa)
Picnic Concert
  • 2018.9.7 (Fri) 19:30 ~
  • Yonggi Culture Park