Immigration & Entry Requirement

 ISSF World Shooting Championship Changwon 2018 August 31 ~ September 15, 2018(16 days)
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Immigration & Entry Requirement


  • Anyone who requires an Entrance Visa into South Korea should contact a Korean Embassy or Consulate at your location to obtain the Visa prior to arrival at South Korea.
  • No arrival Visas are available in South Korea.
  • ISSF Member Federations that require an Official Invitation Letter to apply for a Visa, please fill in the enclosed Visa Support Form (Annex 7) and return it together with scanned copies of valid passports for all visa applicants to the Organizing Committee as soon as possible, but not later than 1 AUG 2018.
  • This form must be typed clearly readable on PC.
  • The Invitation Letter will be made in Korean version and emailed to the Korean Embassy or Consulate for the federation concerned, unless the Organizing Committee receives special information.
  • If an express service is requested, the service will be charged to the federation and must be paid to the Organizing Committee upon arrival.
  • Neither the Organizing Committee nor Korea Shooting Federation has any influence on the Korean Embassies and will only provide Invitations for the ISSF World Championship.

Custom Formalities / Temporary Import of Firearms

  • ISSF Member Federations must declare all firearms brought into Korea for the ISSF World Championship in advance.
  • The federation has to fill in the Firearm and Ammunition Form (Annex 8) clearly and return it with the scanned copies of the valid passport of each athlete to the Organizing Committee by email till 15 JUL 2018.
  • Please make sure that the firearm document should be sent to the Organizing Committee not later than Thirty (30) days before the arrival in case of the arrival earlier than the official arrival day (31 AUG 2018).
  • Type in PC ONLY! No Handwriting or Fax Transmission will be accepted.
  • The charge for a firearms permit – for all firearms – is EUR 30.00 per federation. This has to be wired to the Organizing Committee account in advance or paid to the Organizing Committee at the Changwon International Shooting Range by 14:00 on 1 SEP 2018.
  • The Official Airports for customs clearance of firearms in South Korea are two (2) international airports: Busan-Gimhae (PUS) and Seoul-Incheon (ICN).
  • The Korean government requests that the customs clearance for all luggage and firearms must be made at the first arrival international airport of Korean National Territory on arrival, and at the last airport on departure. International airlines fly from several Asian nations directly to PUS, whereas most airline connections from other continents are through ICN.
  • Delegations travelling through ICN may transfer to an international flight to PUS (see b) below), or move to the Seoul-Gimpo Domestic Airport (GMP) by land to take a domestic flight to PUS. It takes about 45 min from ICN to GMP by bus. Please consider connection time (min. four hours) if you go from ICN to GMP since the custom clearance for all luggage and firearms must be made at ICN. You can fly to the destination PUS via the following air routes from overseas.
  • a) → Busan (PUS***)
  • b) → Incheon (ICN) → Busan (PUS***)
  • c) → Incheon (ICN***) → Seoul (GMP) → Busan (PUS)

(***) is the international airport requiring custom clearance for firearms.

  • The Organizing Committee staff will assist your firearms clearance in the customs channel at PUS or ICN. All athletes must go directly to the customs after baggage claim at arrival to verify that the serial numbers of their own firearms are identical with the ones declared in advance.
  • Please note that any firearm that was not declared in advance on the Firearm and Ammunition Form (Annex 8) or was not correctly declared, cannot be released and will be kept in the custody of customs on arrival. If it is necessary to make or correct a firearm declaration upon arrival, authorization to release the firearm will take at least 3 days.
  • When the delegation transfers to a flight for PUS at ICN, the custom clearance of all firearms will be made at PUS. However, those who arrive at ICN with firearms and then go through GMP to reach PUS, must complete their firearms clearance at ICN and then hand over all firearms including air guns and air pellets to the Organizing Committee staff at ICN.
  • Please do NOT fly to GMP directly with any firearm.
  • The Organizing Committee staff will transport all firearms directly from PUS or ICN to the armory at the Changwon International Shooting Range. The same procedure will be made at departure that all firearms will be taken over at the meeting point of PUS or ICN.
  • Team leader are kindly requested to contact the Organizing Committee at the Changwon International Shooting Range three (3) days before the departure to get the necessary departure information.
  • Special Notes Any athletes who transfer in Shanghai, CHN and Abu Dhabi, UAE must obtain separate gun permit from those countries. Guns can be impounded there unless delegates obtain gun permit.

Special Notes for Shotgun

  • Any barrel (extra barrel and original), stock, trigger, choke, optic, magazine and gun accessories with its own serial number must be declared separately in the Firearm and Ammunition Form (Annex 8) providing that its serial number is different from the main serial number of the gun.