Competition Related Procedures

 ISSF World Shooting Championship Changwon 2018 August 31 ~ September 15, 2018(16 days)
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Competition Related Procedures

Technical Meeting

  • The Technical Meeting will take place on 1 SEP 2018, at 14:00, at the Finals hall of the Changwon International Shooting Range.
  • Each participating ISSF Member Federation is kindly requested to have at least one representative present at the Technical Meeting to receive updated information regarding Final Competition and Training Schedules, competition procedures and other important issues related to the ISSF World Championship.
  • The time of the meeting will be confirmed after the Final Entry Deadline.

Storage of Firearms and Ammunition

  • During your stay in Changwon, Korea for the ISSF World Championship, all firearms and ammunition must be deposited in the armory at the Changwon International Shooting Range. It is strictly prohibited to take any firearms and ammunition including air guns and air pellets out of the shooting range.
  • The armory will be open from 06:30 to 19:30. Every day the armory staff and police will check to confirm that all firearms and ammunitions were returned to the armory after training / competition. The federations that wish to arrive earlier than 28 AUG 2018 or leave later than 17 SEP 2018 must pay an additional fee to use the armory, which is EUR 100.00 per federation. This fee has to be paid to the Organizing Committee with entry fees.


  • There is no limitation on the quantity of ammunition that participants can bring into the Republic of Korea for the purpose of training and competition during the ISSF World Championship, if the amount of ammunition is declared to the Organizing Committee by the deadline 15 JUL 2018.
  • Please be advised that it is prohibited to sell any Rifle and Pistol ammunition (including air pellets) in Korea. Delegations are requested to bring all necessary Rifle and Pistol ammunition to be used in training and competition.
  • Shotgun ammunition can be purchased from vendors in Korea, but cannot be purchased at the range. Therefore, delegations are requested to bring all necessary Shotgun ammunition or to purchase from vendors in Korea (see below industry list).
  • The amount of all ammunition to be brought into Korea must be declared to the Organizing Committee by the deadline (15 JUL 2018).

The following Shotgun ammunition brands can be purchased.

Manufacturer Price (EUR) Industry Information
FIOCCHI GOLDEN 12.00 Topth Korea 
Contact Person: Woo He-ug, Phone: +82-32-563-0974
Email: topth.woo@gmail.com
MIRAGE COMPETITION 8.00 Jungang Korea 
Contact Person: Seo Jae-ho, Phone: +82-31-322-7088
Email: sales@huntingmail.co.kr 
MIRAGE RVS t4 Fly High 12.00
Pro-extra t4 Evolution 12.00
Pro-extra t4 10.00
RC-4 10.00
RC-3 9.00
RC-2 8.00
B&P F2 FLASH 12.00 Reina
Contact Person: Baek Jun-yeang, Phone: +82-10-3534-5146
Email: seowon602@nate.com  
B&P F2-4 10.00
RIO Star Team EVO 10.00
  • ISSF Member Federations that wish to obtain Shotgun ammunition in Korea are requested to order Shotgun ammunition directly from the vendors listed above by 1 JUL 2018. All Shotgun ammunition ordered from these vendors will be distributed at the range on the arrival day. Please do NOT pay ammunition costs to the Organizing Committee.
    Ammunition costs must be paid by bank transfer directly to each vendor.
  • Please understand that this change in how Shotgun ammunition can be obtained in Korea is the only option allowed by Korean law for federations to purchase Shotgun ammunition for the Championship.

Doping Control Tests

  • The Organizing Committee will conduct Doping Control Tests according to the ISSF Anti-Doping Rules and the ISSF Test Distribution Plan 2018 under the supervision of the ISSF Medical Commission Director.